What you guys are talking about is building the Haitian...

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What you guys are talking about is building the Haitian nation's infrastructure, which no longer exist in P-au-P, and really never existed in the provinces.

There are three fundamental aspect to each nation.

The SUPERSTRUCTURE, the STRUCTURE, and the INFRASTRUCTURE (caps for easy visual not shouts).

The SUPERSTRUCTURE refers to the mega beliefs which guide societies.

Our religious and ideological beliefs are mega beliefs.

Answers to questions such as are we mostly Christians, Buddhist, etc. come from our mega beliefs.

Also answers to are we a democratic, theocratic, or communist nation comes from our mega beliefs.

Mega beliefs guide all aspects of the society.

For example, in Haiti we don't condone polygamy because our mega beliefs are based on the remnants of European Christian beliefs that say that polygamy is wrong.

Hence our marriage laws mandate against it.
So, laws are derived from some very strong emotions that have evolved from the societies mega belief systems.

It is not that polygamy is right or wrong, it is that we believe it to be one way or another and we enact laws that support our beliefs.

Laws are part of the societies STRUCTURE.

The type of government hierarchy a nation chooses is part of the societies social structure.

How we set up and enforce our laws is part of the structure.

Our social hierarchy is also part of the national structure.

In Haiti we used to have a class based system, but now more and more that is changing.

What type of educational system we setup is also part of the Structure. etc.

The INFRASTRUCTURE is what you guys were talking about.

National infrastructure is something Haiti has never had. We used to have a fairly good infrastructure in some places like P-au-P, Cap, and a few other places, but that's all gone. Without a national infrastructure, the country is doomed for constant failure.

National infrastructure does include all those things you guys listed: roads, hospitals (in needed points), water, electricity, established guidelines for building (building codes) etc. A society cannot move forward without a basic infrastructure, and right now Haiti has none. I also agree with the point that creating infrastructure is the best way to create jobs--at least at first.

Linda, October 14 2007, 3:53 PM

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What you guys are talking about is building the Haitian nation's infrastructure, which no longer exist in P-au-P, and... read more >
Linda, 14-Oct-07 3:53 pm


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