confused about sight changes

Linda - October 14 2007, 1:35 PM

Did this sight get a makeover?

I have a different page look and a different retrieval system for topics.

And now when I call the sight it always comes up on Fouye Networks.

Is this new?

If it is, it does not work well on my system.

Is that just me. I have a MAC...does that make a difference?

I can't seem to go back to the sight the way it was, can any of you out there advise me on this?

Thanks much.

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Michel says...

This domain may have been sold. I accessed it through internet explorer instead of mozilla firefox and I got a web... more »

Linda says...

Thanks much for the response. Maybe for me that's not such a bad thing. I keep thinking that I'm helping somehow with... more »

Gros Jean says...

Linda, this website has been changed so many times. It was so easy to follow a topic in the past. It was very well... more »

Linda says...

I agree with you Gros Jean. This used to be such a great an very accessible sight. Hang in there, maybe they'll stop... more »