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Stop criticizing others unless you can show by your deeds that you can do a lot better.

Go away "Fool" We do not need your negativity.

Actions speak louder than words.

Run along now. Go lay down somewhere.

Talking about you HAITIANS!No one is forcing you to read this blog. We have better things to discuss little charongne.

Go away Satan.

Anacaona, October 14 2007, 12:45 PM

Topic: New Haiti Travel Site

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Monsieur Jean, with all respect, I apreciate your effort to show Haiti, the ways it is. That is fine and dandy! We... read more >
Papa Legba, 13-Oct-07 9:45 pm
If you are going to leave comments in here and on my guestbook could you at least learn to spell them correctly,. read more >
James, 14-Oct-07 10:47 am
Sadly, you are wrong again. If you Haitians ever paid any attention to what is going on, you might have a better clue... read more >
James, 14-Oct-07 11:02 am
You puny little fool us Haitians and Haiti do not need you or your site. Find yourserlf something more constructive to... read more >
Anacaona, 14-Oct-07 12:10 pm
Why don't any of the posts in here make sense? I showed somebody one of Linda's posts to me, and I said to him, "what... read more >
James, 14-Oct-07 12:25 pm
Stop criticizing others unless you can show by your deeds that you can do a lot better.Go away "Fool" We do not need... read more >
Anacaona, 14-Oct-07 12:45 pm
how about getting some tourists back to Haiti. I really think that is probably the most important thing for the... read more >
James, 14-Oct-07 12:46 pm
I am not really advertising, I just would've thought that most Haitians in the US would be interested in seeing a New... read more >
James, 14-Oct-07 1:11 pm
James I think your site is Okay : but the prices are not on Kaliko, and Moulin sur mer : need to calm down with their... read more >
Roland, 15-Oct-07 12:47 pm
Some changes were made to the Cap-Haitien page and a minor change to the Jacmel page. The Jacmel page needs a little... read more >
James, 16-Oct-07 1:24 pm
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