Real Sustainable Economic Development

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Hi, Mr. President.

Much respect.

But I disagree with the doctrine that road building alone equates economic development.

Fix the seaports first.

Then build up the inner cities of Cayes, Jacmel, Cap-Haitien, Jeremie,Port-de-Paix, Fort-Liberte, Gonaives,St-Marc, Leogane & Hinche.

Build a brand new general hospital in each, build an amphiteatre in each, build a sewage system in each, build a sewage treament plant in each, build a new gynasium in each, build an olympic stadium in each, build convention center in each, build a national public research library in each, build a campus for the state university in each, build two brand new government administration edifices in each, build a new courthouse in each, build a new prison in each, build a new cultural research center in each, build a new police administration edifice in each, build a new national archive preservation edifice in each, build a new museum in each, and build a brand new public square in each.
Economic development needs space & capital to take root. Once Haiti has the look the foreign investments will follow naturally.

patriotic salutations

Rubens Titus, October 14 2007, 12:54 AM

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