Monsieur Jean, with all respect, I apreciate your effort to...

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Monsieur Jean,
with all respect, I apreciate your effort to show Haiti, the ways it is. That is fine and dandy! We know these things existed.

May be you are calling our attention to clean up. That is very good! However, I have a problem with the way you are presenting Haiti.

You show a few nices pictures to blind us to your real intent.Your focus is on everything that is repulsive and uggly.

When I came to America, I thought there were no small houses, no poors, no trashes, no homeless, no beggars, no poverty.

I was sooooo surprised! All I saw from tourists, missionaries, movies and books were sky scrapers, prairies, Nice Highways, The Trade Center, The Empire State building ETC..

EVERYTHING was nice. However, my adventurous nature lead me to some remote part of America, and many states; I saw a lot of dirty things.

I would ask you to visit, Missisipi, Alabama, South Carolina, Newark, NJ, Part of Brooklyn, or Miami, Atlanta, Chicago etc...and you will see. I also visited a lot of countries; I know bad conditions exist.

Yet, I haven't seen any French, Canadian, American, Jamaican citizens show their country in such manner.

Furthermore, you use the worse kind of camera to take pictures for your site, Seing these embarrasing pictures tells me a lot about you: a man with a great taste for the uggly, whose soul is made up of negativism, a man with a real passion to degrade himself! You turn people awy from your site automatically, but guess what?

No matter what you show, Haiti will not be the same. Like the sphynx of the legend, soon or later, Haiti will rise from its ashes! You may continue to indirectly hurt the country by showing despicable, disgusting, and heart breaking pictures.

That how the missionaries use uggly, obscene and disgusting pictures to secure donations from brainless people.

May be You are in the process to collect donation to help the poors; your fisrt step in that direction is to use a disdainful strategy which coinsist to portray the country as the worse place on eath. Oh Yeah! Worse pictures means better donations, You invest $1 to acquire your little camera, take a few pictures, and now you are expecting ssome big, fat dividend! Thank God, many of us are not so dumb and immediately we recognize the motive behind your despicable presentation of Haiti.

You have no shame to show the entire world your taste for dirty things, where you and your relative are living.

You were born from trash, live in trash, now you are trying to make a living from trash and ...surely, you;re going to leave your name in those trashes...You have nothing to show but trash, you can't help it! Trash, that's what you are made of, that's all you have in your dumb mind. I know pig like trash...

Si ou Kreyol W'a konprann!!!!
Mwen menm Legba, Lwa mechan, si ou pas supann, montre vie bagay sa yo, M'ap kase kou si ou gen male mete pied nan katie sal sa yo pou pran foto. Ge fon krie davans, atansyion pa kapon...

Papa Legba, October 13 2007, 9:45 PM

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Monsieur Jean, with all respect, I apreciate your effort to show Haiti, the ways it is. That is fine and dandy! We... read more >
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James, 16-Oct-07 1:24 pm
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