monument for the haitians that doing the am revol

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wow guys. they just built a monument in georgia for the haitian soldiers that die doing the american revolution in 1779 helping the american fight the british.

which hardly ever mention.

the roots of most of our problems, check this out.
haiti: help the U.S fight britain
haiti: fight the french
haiti: help most of latin america and the caribbean gain their independent from them and spain
china mad at haiti cause we are friend with taiwan.

all these countries now are in the so-call super power list now. of courst they turn the shameless ones that we help against us.

Jules, October 13 2007, 8:18 PM

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Hey Jules; Thanks much for this post. I new they were working on it, but its good to know that it's done. I will go... read more >
Linda, 14-Oct-07 1:38 pm


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