Okay, You are truly an ignorent person. I will cease reading...

Roland - October 9 2007, 6:53 AM


You are truly an ignorent person.

I will cease reading anyting you have to post because you refuse to put your imbecille mind to work to comprehend anything of what I have to say. What is your vision for Haiti?

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Posted by Wilgeens Rosenberg 10/9/07 2:35 AM

As I ve been telling the world, You Idiots mixed nationalities are opportunist ; you can't even spell properly, but you still dare to called me (ignorant)which you can't even spell: What a pity.

Gros soulyé, Neg Sot pansé pou'l manké moun tout bon dega.

You are angry because I am proud to be Haitian supported Alexis/Preval administration.

LittleJack, I have two other passports after the Haitian one: and 2 degrees, I never stop been Haitian, I am working to have my last passport to really be a better man then Christopher Columbus, I entering and live in those countries legally, You lied shamely about you were born in a plane from France bla bla bla to make you better then Whom?

your opportunist mind is so corrupted you have to make a accidental story to been HaitianshittyDominicanJew.

Me I am only Haitian for ever all the other passport are for Immigration arrogant Nazi's Pirates to get off my backside.

I never told you my nationality after been Haitian, it will be too complicated for your Rotten brain to process.

When my Book is published you will learn.

Ja genau richtig: Ich heisse Roland, und dir?

das ist eine compliziert Creolisch sprächen fur dich.

LittleBastard du bist.

Find your circle: surely you are not mine.

Roland Mesidor

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Okay, You are truly an ignorent person. I will cease...


etesvous le President du pays

Mr Preval, Je dis Mr, parceque je ne vous connais pas comme etant le vraie chef d'etat du pays, vous n'avez pas ete...

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