Let's get together:the dead and the living

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The dead and the living dialogue

What's happening?

Long time we haven't seen one another.

You gave up on me just like that. I thought we were friends in Haiti.

Boss S
I thought we were too. Remember I went to see you twice when you came over and I invited you to Boss Herve's godfather's party and you made the speech and then you went blank and that was it; we were supposed to go to a party the next night and you disappeared.

I had a girl for you. You remember my friend said she had a friend who would come down from Brooklyn?

She did but she would be too much for you. That girl was hot.
Do you mean you had to be both me and you, I mean your girl and my supposedly girl.

Boss S
I had no choice.

You did not show up.

Yes you did. You could have stayed with your girl and given her cousin a chance to meet someone new that would perhaps bring her happiness and love for the rest of her life.

Boss S
I don't give a f. man. Those girls are messed up anyway.

They do whoever they meet and like for a moment.

How do you know?

Sometimes they are more desperate to get a stable man than you think, a man who would be there for them, a man who would help them pay the bills, a man who would be a man. Don't underestimate the so-called easy-goers; they have a dream too.

Boss S
Man! Why you worry so much about those damned girls?

I am dead anyway.

I cannot find any girl down here. Did you see the Hercules movie?

- It's real Agwo, you don't want to come here. The girls have everything, dressed like angels, they look lost somehow because they have lost their memories, but they don't even see us, they are kept in a separate section; We men, we live down here as dead and we remember everything and we find out about all the past lies from the former liars themselves who either rejoice or feel regret when they are telling the truth about the lies they told in their lives on earth.

I feel really bored down here. Guys fight every day over the memories of women, their wives, or their mothers.

That's why I was looking for your spirit to talk to you. You are the best friend I have ever had but I misunderstood you and your drunken warnings about my future.

I should have never thought one second that you were jealous; You had everything better going for you despite the circumstances: You had a beautiful woman who loved you, your mother in New York crazy for you, your dad in Miami who has only one son; all I had was an "IZUZU TROOPER" and the girl kept following, falling like ripe mangoes from their branches.

Yeah Yeah Yeah! Do you know that we could have been millionaires together now for the way we trusted each other even though I was talking trash about your behavior all the times, but you knew well in the bottom of your heart that your Agwo loved you like a spiritual brother.

You jumped to Indiana from Jersey and you landed in Florida looking for your death.

You were wrong not to listen to uncles Silve and Clement; The latter always looked artificial and fake to me, but the former is real. I liked uncle Silve.

The coolest of all of them, uncle Beauvais is a paranoiac, you can't play with him after you've made him mad once. He thinks he's better than the former cracked that he is. He's not. No one is. We'll all die and end up the same: dust, miserable dust. However big we are, we're nothing but dust.

Boss S
I know it and I am nothing but that now, dust and dust and dust. Only my spirit is still on.
I am a spirit now and I am fine even though I miss the girls.

Your turn will come sooner or later.

I haven't had a chance to ask the master of the future calls yet but I know it cannot be later than sooner.

I can't wait to see you here so we can talk about all the mistakes you and I made and how we could have been better off by being less selfish.

What you mean?

You're scaring me. I don't want to be in the boredom room where you are right now as you described it. I have three kids now. I want to help them grow and succeed like I haven't yet myself despite my efforts.

Boss S
What I mean is that in the Eternal time machine 100 years are equal to a second or less of God's time. To you, I died 5 years ago, but in God's machine, it's only a tiny fraction of the unit of Time, just 5% of a second.

When we think we've had an hour of joy, for God it's just been about a nanosecond of his precious time. He spends his time basically worrying for the girls, their mistreatments from bad men, the future, the many religions that we created unnecessarily and that did not come out of his teachings but from fake prophets hungry for conquer and dominance.

God is a busy man right now. He thinks his worst achievement was to create humanity and he still does not want to get rid of us because he loves everything he's created from planet earth to the happy beings under the surface or, better said, the inner core of Planet Mars.

You mean there are other people who look like us somewhere in the universe?

Boss S
Yes, They don't really look like us but they are as smart or smarter than we are. They don't need food or oxygen.

They live under the surface just not to be seen from us. From the time Humanity was created 8 millions years ago, they went under.

They realized that another type of reality would be facing them sooner of later.

They are really panicked now because of the news that several funny machines had been seen on their surface.

They dug themselves deeper close to the crater of their huge planet, so deeply that they know what warmth is now. Close to the surface, they had never felt anything but coolness but now they are experiencing spring time being close to the center of that big planet.

I have seen them in a video sent telepathically through the atmosphere from their holy guardian to the hell where I am, they still look happy.

Over there, Women do not suffer from labor or abuses, they are free. There are no children; everyone is young in their twenties.

They are happy and healthy, just going from party to party, and meet new people they have fun with and that they forget about the next day unless they write their name and address down. But usually the homes look alike and wear the same numbers.

The Postal service had a real difficult time down there.

It had to shut down. Now people there rely onlyon short-term memory, on notes.

They don't want to recollect anything about what they did the previous day except for the potential danger that came from the odd idea of the Creator to create a species called Humans on Earth, the water planet.

You just said something interesting.

What about the 72 or 75 virgins the martyrs are promised?

Boss S.
It's all BS. They are all here with me in the boredom.

No woman is available because they are not interested and one or more points:
A. Why should seventy women be waiting for you?

If we count for all the foolish martyrs, there would not be enough,
B. Would all these poor women be satisfied with one man or is it the sexual satisfaction of men more important than that of women?

C. And if they are available, aren't these women really ugly for those previous martyrs to have left them untaken; and isn't it the reason why they are still virgin?

D. Aren't dead people without a body but only spirit?

So how the hell they are going to have sex with a physical body that does not exist?

E. Isn't God about something more than just sex?

Are we making him a voyeur, a freak, a player?

- No! God has to be much more than that. I haven't seen him yet but I know he's much more than what I figured on earth.


Without going to those spiritual things, please tell me what happened?

How many girls you had fun with?

How many did you cheat on your wife with?

You were a sick son of a gun, you couldn't see a skirt without feeling like lifting it up and you died for it

Boss S
Well well we all gotta go though I think it was too early for me because the real hunter always hunts something, even his own death.

I got my Clodeen and she cheated on me as I cheated on her. I couldn't take it though I knew if I had given her enough love, she would have stuck with me only because no one could give her as much love as I was able to give her, but I started messing up with the sisters, from Haiti with Jaja as you suspected it and warned me intelligently about it.

Yeah! I remember when you took her to the North-West to see the missionaries and the ghost doctors; that was the first time you did that beauty, I guess; and you came back mean, and as innocent as no one could be. O man you went over the line and I am sure you did the other younger sister too; you messed up the whole race and that was wrong, perhaps the mom also?

Boss S
As you always told me, repeating your high school philosophy professor: "The past is past, we must not rewind it. Otherwise, we'll pass out." Let' talk about other people who died innocently, the future, our country, the world, the after-world.

Tell me what you want to know and I'll tell you but let's move on. It is a chance that I was allowed to meet you in your sleep but we don't have forever.

I know you have seen me passing by several times, trying to say something to you, but never had a chance to sit down. I have an announcement to make however: Our land is going to be fine but you'll eventually be part of it. You have to, I mean. What the heck you're doing in this country where no one loves you because you are foreign and intelligent, and furthermore, you don't have a community to support you. We black folks are not as supporting to one another when it comes to money, business, and real love. We are better in words, fake words, hoping the good thing that happened to our friend or neighbor would be to us, even we greatly congratulated the fellow for a success or seemingly success he achieved on his own, with the help of the parents, not the fake friends (we can only have one or two good friends in our lives), without the community of fake lovers.

We black people do not love one another.

And it's been like that forever before the white men came to pick us up to America to work as slaves.

We have the Betes, the Utus, the Tutsis, the Mandingos, and the Stupids they all are, not being able to recognize their common blackness and unite.

As a matter-of-fact, the whole human race should stop a minute and say: "Wait a minute, we are all the same despite our different features, beliefs, why killing one another?"


You seem to have a pretty bad taste of the state of death itself?

Boss S.
Of course I do. You know why a lot of us are still dying: because we have been spending all our money in weapons, not in medical research.

We could live one thousand years if we had not polluted so much, had spent enough money in science, and eliminated religions.


Religion will never be eliminated friend as long as we do not understand that death is our final spot, and let death come to you naturally without forcing it or imposing it upon yourself or someone else. Religion is the source of all the evil things that have happened to Humanity.

Religions have caused all the wars. Religions are creations of men's minds in order to gain power and inspire the impatient believers, those who can't wait to believe in something as if the whole purpose of life were to believe in some BS instead of enjoying our humanity, understand our differences, and connect our similar dots.

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Ayisyen Patriyot, October 22 2006, 12:43 AM

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