Wilgeens Rosenberg - October 7 2007, 11:52 PM

In my humbled opinion I believe, Haiti can profit very much from so many of its sons and daughters whom have traveled around the world and successfully have reached many goals and have prospered beyond what their pursuit of happiness might have been.

It would be naïve and an ignorant of an assumption to presume that many of those sons and daughters have not amounted to anything over the years they have spent abroad, because simply I truly believe many of them have accomplished so much and are contributed to the US economy greatly which I believe those very same sons and daughters can begin to contribute to Haiti now in dire need. I am sure that over the years, many of Haiti's sons and daughter have wondered to themselves of ways to give back to their home country and have been afraid and have been quite unsure in what way they could actually make it happen and what form of government they should trust in investing into Haiti.

Well, I say to them that such excuse will no longer hold since I am confident that over the years those same sons and daughters have gone out and furthered their education in many areas that could serve them as guidelines on how to start businesses, foundations and more that they would not even need any direct involvement with the Government itself, per say...

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