Haiti's Fiscal Budget

Eustaches E. Cella - October 6 2007, 4:58 PM

Hello Magistrate!

With respect i want to salute you. My question is not embarrassing, but it is pretty relevant for a foreseeable future of Haiti.

I'am wondering whether or not you have a "planning team" upon your administration that is solely responsible to plan accross the board, that includes a professional in the same field from each geographic that can address the needs of their specific areas, and the resources that are available from this area to remove Haiti from asking everywhere for help whenever you are preparing your fy budget.

Eustaches Cella

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Rubens Titus says...

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Eustaches Cella says...

Thank you Mr President for repying to my email. I understand that you are in a situation in Haiti where you are to be... more »