Vodou religon of our ancestors

Brother L.k. - September 29 2007, 9:25 PM

Come on my Haitian brother.

Santanic Cult. The real satans on this earth are those organized religons.

Christanity, ISlam, Buddahism.

They all have fanatics who would kill people who disagreed with their belifes.

The church used to torture and murder non belivers.

This is not to say that their aren't thoe true to thier stuff, but damn man. Our holy African traditions of worshipping the sacered Lwas who are our ancestors guiding us through our eveyday lives trying to bring harmony to it. Rada and Petrwo.

We offer them gifts of food liquor and prayer.

The animals aren't tortured or mutilated, buteaten.

Same as a butcher shop so all of that animal crulety is bull-$h#t. Vodou is a African religon, not asian, not arab with some black, not honkey white, bt AFRICAN.

There is no code are set of rules written down that a leader can munipulate a nation with. Instead oral traditions.

We each have our own spiritual belifs and goals.

Whether some do good, do bad, or personal intrest.

We are consumed by the energy by which we give out. Christ was a man. A darkskin northern African/ middle eastern man. Nappy hair not dressed in linen robes.

He was a philophiser and a spreader of peace.

A great man. Some take his influence call him God and potray this man as white.


Muhammed was the same as Jesus another prophet or wise man. But how can one worshipp andother man. True belifes of spirituallity do not come from crazed warlords who bomb people in the name of another man, Christ since they do not have their same belifes.

We have our zombies yes. Nothing to be asamed of, on contray proud.

All this talk of santanic religon is the religon of those European Chritians during the inquisitions.

Do not listen to those propogandas spread by the white racist media.

they have no moral.

All of these religon nuts are the worst killers on Earth.

Vodou sacerd spiritual belifs and practices of our ancestors.

The religon that gave us our freedom.


TOPIC next week VOUDOU who wants to contribute?

RELIGION OR SATANIC CULT? I will share my research on Monday.

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