Ooooh! Unknown you are asking for it AGAIN!

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Les sauvages ne sont pas des personnes qui nécessairement vivent la vie simple.

Ils peuvent très bien être des chefs d'Etat qui commencent des guerres avec l'intention d'améliorer leurs économie.

Ils sont des meurtriers de masse, des viscieux, voleurs, et des assassins professionnels.

Look around you "unknown" your three musketeers look like boy scouts in comparison to Bush father and son crimes against humanity.

Remember Panama?

How about Belgium's Leopold who systematically murdered 10million Africans from the Congo in an effort to reduce their population from 20million to ten. Where was the holocaust outcry! The British systematically murdered the Kikuyu's in Kenya in an effort to reduce their population and to steal their land(estimated 100thousand) they failed, the Kikuyus had an uprising forcing them to leave their country.

The Spanish destroyed entire civilizations in the Americas and have committed genocide against the natives some 2million Aztecs here 3million Tainos there a few million Mayas there and not to forget the Philipinos and another 4million indians to disease the spanish brought with them, Oh don't forget a few 100thousands burned by the spanish inquisition specially the women the catholic church wanted to steal their inherited land from and accused them of being witches and of course don't forget the millions killed during the catholic crusades at one point they murdered the entire city of Jerusalem in the name of god, what about Hitler?

no need for me to continue...

you get the picture who the real SAVAGES are!.

Flo, September 28 2007, 3:18 AM


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Les sauvages ne sont pas des personnes qui necessairement vivent la vie simple. Ils peuvent tres bien etre des chefs... read more >
Flo, 28-Sep-07 3:18 am
Dear Flo, I am begging you: do not waste your time educating this guy! Don't let him become a distraction. We have... read more >
Ti Malice., 28-Sep-07 3:53 am
Touche! Or he may be trying to provoke some conversation! read more >
Flo, 28-Sep-07 11:04 am
man close your uneducated mouth. read more >
Brother L.k., 28-Sep-07 3:12 pm
Hello Flo please continue, you make sense a lot. Djakut read more >
Djakut, 9-Oct-07 7:11 pm


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