Things to remember my friend. We still have the name of a...

Ronald Guillaume - September 28 2007, 2:20 AM

Things to remember my friend.

We still have the name of a Nation even we're running late, I consider myself great and we're great as usual.

My friend, you're talking about Democracy Now.Well, I' ve seen and read multiple interviews and articles on Haiti, FMI,Mr Aristide etc.They are issues that we, Haitians should know about, the truth behind everything that recently happened in Haiti."Killing the Dream and Getting Haiti Right This time",are the names of two books recently published by Mr Noam Chomsky, Paul Farmer and Amy Goodman.Haiti-Aristide had everything to lose, IMF had to turn everyone around to get Mr Aristide out of sight.

He needed too much to rebuilt a new society, a new structure in our political systems.

He was asked to pay interest on a fake approved loan by IMF.Later, he was asked again to pay unpaid interest on different loans under the Duvalier Dynasty.We' ve been trapped as he's, to our own destiny, you know about it.The mainly results of irrelevant Killings, Boat People, convergence,misery etc.


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