What If Haiti Had 10 Governors?

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What do you guys think if we had 10 governors in Haiti?

10 Departments, 10 governors, each responsible for the welfare of their own department.

Then the president would focus more on foreign policies instead or Haitian calling him "papa Bon coeur" and waiting for him to be the great black hope.

Each governors competing to make their department better than the other.

each governor offering incentives for investors to create jobs in their department istead.

I think this form of competition would instill growth and Haitians would stop relying on the president and having to go to Port-au-Prince for every freaking thing, passports, hope for jobs, etc.

Maybe, just maybe, that would allow us to screen the man before he runs for president.

If he can manage a department, we would then trust him with running the whole country.

What do you think?

The Wonderer, September 28 2007, 1:16 AM

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