Jacque Pierre mother insults not necessary!

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I can barely make out the meaning of the creole words but I can tell you this: You have the right to ask questions, to your opinions and freedom of expression.

You will encounter however many who will not agree with you. Please do not take it personally, do not give it much credence and try to leave the emotions out it. This is for fun! Someone who calls you a pederast on the internet who have never met you is only annoyed with what you have typed not you as a person.

DON'T EVEN GO THERE! (referring to the mother and homosexuals insults).

Be mindful that this is a current president's blog, so you may wish to share your ideas, and opinions but do not insult the PRESIDENT HIMSELF! or insinuate that he has committed fraud.

There are better ways to ask questions ok! Try to improve your French when you type or type in English.

Try google french and english translater.

you will find a site that will translate your words although sometimes the verbs tense are not correct, but you can make those corrections yourself if you have a general idea of a french sentence structure.

One more thing you DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER anyone!

Flo, September 27 2007, 2:01 PM

Topic: etesvous le President du pays

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Bernony, 17-Sep-07 3:50 am
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Sophia Rt, 17-Sep-07 12:41 pm
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Jacques Pierre, 17-Sep-07 6:18 pm
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Jacques Pierre, 24-Sep-07 10:39 pm
Jacques Pierre, For heaven sake, please, let this go. Let us move forward. It is time that we put this petty argument... read more >
Mckenzie, 25-Sep-07 12:16 am
Tu est vraiement stupide avec tes foutaise! Flo. read more >
Flo, 26-Sep-07 2:20 pm
I laughed and laughed! All the name calling was not necessary to drive your point across though. You did a good job... read more >
Flo, 26-Sep-07 8:29 pm
I can barely make out the meaning of the creole words but I can tell you this: You have the right to ask questions, to... read more >
Flo, 27-Sep-07 2:01 pm
stupide, j'ai l'impression que ce n'est pas moi, car je ne le suis pas ok. read more >
Jacques Pierre, 27-Sep-07 5:53 pm
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