I challenge you all!!!

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Gros Morne, Ti malice, Flo, Mckenzie, Move Zanj, Linda and all of you who post or read regularly on this site, I am throwing you a challenge.

We all know that the haitian government in general doesn't fulfill its obligation toward the haitian people especially as far job creation and protection of its citizens is concerned.

You all have expressed sometimes excellent ideas to develop or improve the situation in the country.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy said once: Do not ask yourself what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

Therefore I suggest that, instead of staying in the comfort of where you live whether in Europe, North America or the Caribbean, you go to Haiti and start changing the situation there.

La Fontaine, I believe, wrote that "criticism is easy but action is difficult".

You all who have lived abroad and have more experience than the locals should get together and create jobs, build hotels, international airports and everything necessary to develop your country.

Already I could see it from here: Move Zanj International Airport, Ti Malice resorts, Gros Morne Enterprises and so on (lol).

Then your life would be worthwhile because you would have made a difference somewhere in the world.

Until then, all your talk is just "dust in the wind".

God bless!

Max Johnson Fgb, September 27 2007, 9:15 AM

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Flo, 27-Sep-07 12:53 pm
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Levy Alexandre, 27-Sep-07 1:15 pm
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