I have a plan for Jean rabel N.O Haiti

Jeef Beaubrun - September 26 2007, 1:32 PM

Dear President,
As I mentioned before in the subject I have plan for my town before all let me present myself.

I'm Jeef Beaubrun 20 years old, I'm studying electronic engineering at HCC, I'm going to be graduated in May 2008. My plan for Jn rabel is to built a Public library with computer CD DVDs and other stuff.

I'm still looking for donation to achieve that goal, I dont know in which way yet but definitely I need your yelp. you can help me in books any ohter things like franchise douaniere.

I hope you are going to help me and my town.

thank you in advance...

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Flo says...

You are in a better position to collect money from the US my friend. Try to get Canadian books in French. Contact... more »

Rubens Titus says...

My brother, We need a plan for Haiti then a subsequent plan for Jean-Rabel. The plan for Jean-Rabel will be a subset... more »

Max Johnson Fgb says...

Flo is right, my friend. You are in a better position to collect book in the United States than someone in Haiti. If... more »