Merci for WHAT? I Honestly do not see any progress! Haitians...

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Merci for WHAT?

I Honestly do not see any progress! Haitians escaping to the Dominican republic, sometimes they are NOT PAID and are deported at the courtesy of those same employers, who used them as a work beast.

(What has Haiti done to demand some justice for their citizens?) Haitians escaping to the US are loosing their lives to the sharks at sea, most of those who make it to shore are arrested and deported.

Those whose ships were unfortunately blown to the Turk and Caicos islands were shot at and killed.

( Did Haiti even demand an investigation, and why are Europeans still owning lands in the Americas anyway?) and Who knows how many Haitians ships the US coastguards have sank! Now, the United States the biggest donor of financial aid to Haiti in your view "DISUNITE" us?

Man, first of all Preval will most likely never see your message, an underling will answer you if at all, second you are such an INGRATE in my view. A country that has given you an opportunity "to survive" to "educate yourself" "to be all you can be, depending on your level of efforts" that country is the "bad guy" in your cosmos of things.

Take a look at Haiti! WHAT has Haiti ever done for you?

besides freeing themselves from slavery, so far Haiti has made no progress and has done NOTHING to be proud of! All those "VISCIEUX VOLEUR PROFESSIONEL" who through their SELF DELUSION thought they were modern day "Machiavellis" the only thing they actually did was to destroy people, thus causing the brain drained of Haiti and actually raping the country of it's future.

They all became instant millionaires! ( The entire family "Turnier" were killed, their children stabbed to death, so government officials could steal a few gold coins they had buried in their yard!) Where those perpetrators arrested?

most are still living today.

I know murder should never have a statute of limitation! History will judge them!
Why is there an excessive devaluation of the Haitian money?

giving foreign companies "un pied" in Haiti thus paying Haitians citizens an equivalent of 37$ US dollars per month which is about 200$ Haitian dollars.

Do you call that progress! Why can't Haiti demand that there workers are paid 200$ US dollars per month in American money or its equivalent in Haitian dollars?Why are foreign nationals with weapons in our country! we cannot even rule or protect ourselves! You call that progress too! This is not the era of "strong African chief" what we need are many capable individuals with a mission statement such as "health care, education, decent housing, employment, retirement benefits for ALL HAITIAN CITIZENS!

Flo, September 25 2007, 1:17 PM

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