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Dear Sirs:

Three letters addressed to the President of the Republic concerning his invitation to the President of France to visit our beloved country.

Of the three letters I choose to address the letter to my brother Levy Alexandre because he addressed the President with respect.

And although his argument is somewhat flawed, any patriotic Haitian could appreciate his cry of the heart for the the President Preval to be careful in his dealing with our former master, the French.

As for the other two letters, Jan Jan is not worth responding to because his vitupiration and diatribe against the Head of State shows him for the vulgarian that he is. As for the Mr. Yaboul Patriy, he deserves a most appropriate response because the arguments that he makes is so angry, outrageous, hyprocritical, and so demeaning to the President that irrespective of his ability to write flowing French that it cannot hide his inability to reason.

Firstly, Mr. Yaboul addressed the President as though he was addressing one of his co-worker at the factory where he works.

Secondly, from the tone of Mr. Yaboul's letter it appears that he lives in France.

Mr. Yaboul is angry indeed.

He is full of rancor against the President of the country where he freely chooses to reside.

Mr. Yaboul takes umbrage against the Haitian president's offer to Pres. Sarkozy to be the first French president to visit Haiti.

Why, pre tell, does Mr. Yaboul feel free to continue to live in a country that is led by a man whom he described as "arrogant...who insults blacks".

Surely, Mr. Yaboul would not deny a President of a country who is so racked by internal problems and whose people is so bereft of the most basic necessities to seek help from whomever or where ever it might be found.

Obviously, Mr. Yaboul would denied the president the same latitude that he himself choses to excersize.

If Mr. Yaboul feels so angry with France and its president, why does he not leave France and return to Haiti?

Mr. Yaboul described the President as a "negrillon", "un petit colonise", "le gueux".

What nerve! Mr. Yaboul is a prideful man, yet this pride (conveniently) is rather limited.

Enough with him.

My brother, Levy. I fully understand your position.

Anyone who had a chance to read Haitian history knows all that you recounted.

I, too, am anxious for the day when western, slave owning nations opologize for the crime of slavery.

However, I am not sure that this will ever happened in my life time for the simple reason that this would have every kind of ramification.

An opology would entail action by way of financial reparation.

As for the French reimbursing us the money that it extorted from us, you, my dear, Levy knows where it got us when we last tried it, for in the words of the philosopher Georges Santayana, "those who failed to learn from history are doomed to repeat it".

As for the the eloquent words of Ms. Rama Yade describing the efforts and sacrifices that our forebears had to undergo to free us from slavery, don't you think that her experience in France being the child of immigrant parents from Senegal provides her the opportunity to read and understand history differently then previous French envoys?

You are indeed correct in warning the President not to be carried away by flattery.

In closing, brother Levy, I would like to remind you that we should not quickly blame all our ills on the French or other powerful neighbors.

We must look ourselves in the mirror and beat our breast repeating in the words of Shakespear as spoken by Julius Ceasar, "the fault, dear Brute, lies not on our stars, but on ourselves".



Mckenzie, September 25 2007, 12:02 AM

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