Forget Army. Let's move on

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I don't know why you all keep salivating about the army or its reinstitution; Army is not necessary.

Those enlightened idiots were acting under the instructions of a greater power; but I don't think they were told to be so merciless:

3 thousand in 3 days.

I have nothing, believe me, against those guys because I know misery is not sweet.

But how in the hell can you kill so many people and make jokes about it as if it were so much fun?

Some or most of them were not living in misery though.

A man like ReDel whose father was a colonel under baby doc, was living better than any kid in the US.

Some of them were caught on tape and the holders of those tapes and recordings are just waiting for the right time to publish them.

He's an old man living somewher in Florida.

Those murderers will be denounced.

The army spirit has been misinterprated in Haiti as well as in the American continent except in Canada and the US.

A military man thinks he's a god in a country like Haiti.

Therefore, he must control and rule.

When it comes to defend the coutry or obey their chief's order to go to war, they eat then melt garlic in ther gayass so they have diarrhea and not go to fight a few rebels in the North-West that were led by a fakee like Sansarik anyway.

Do you remember Bernard Sansarik?

_ The fakee who sold his own family for a change and came back like a rebel, then a senator, a fake senator?

Too many bad things to remember.

Better go right to the point:

Army cannot restore peace since they initiated the unrest; army is an economic burden because they want to live large for inspiring nothing but fear to the poor.


Take it simple:

Haiti can be beautiful.

But we got to get rid of poverty so no one is subject to an army official, a fake bourgeois, etc. to survive.

Let's create a society where everyone has a choice as long as he/she has an eduction.

Let's move on. No army.

Ayisyen Patriyot, October 2 2006, 11:16 PM

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