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I can feel the voice of logic in your writing Kenny.

Many people talk about doing this, reforming the army that, but where will the money come from?

Even though the police have not done a very good job, I agree with you that things could have been better if they had had the right tools: "cars, cb, helicopters, database, money(better salary), etc."

Now we're wasting our precious time talking about something that will never be: ARMY.
We just cannot afford it anymore.

When we had an army, we used to receive major funding from the big West because that corrupted army was a guaranted antidot to the communist ideology that was spreading all over the the Caribbean Sea and Latin Amerca after the success of Castro.

After the end of the cold war, the big west had nothing to be scared of and be paying for, they let down all those crap governments like the Soviet Union let down Cuba; And the hypocrits from the West stood from far crying: "We need you to be a democratic country".

But democracy, as well as dictatorship for cold war purposes, costs money too.
Then the armies in the American continent had to give up: no money coming in, no more reason for their existence, then they turn more and more against their own people (not anymore against the communists but against the poor, the radio show host, the news teller, etc. ->next to madness) to show their toughness and continue to live the good life.

Why army?

To protect us?

from what?

from what the general prosperavril created->the zenglendoism Aristid perfected?

- No NO No No
No more army please.

We cannot afford it; we cannot allow it because we cannot forget all those losers like Magloire, Namphy, Regala, Romain, Cedras, Francois, and all my friends from that school in Delmas33 where I went to, and whose former graduates from 84to88 participated in the massacre of the first coup against Aristide (Among them the most brilliant like PDJ, JJW, JS, the west point tall mf, ReD. I know their names, I have seen the bodies on the streets because I was there to say no to a coup against a man that I end up detesting (Aristide) now for his fakeness I discovered later on

Ayisyen Patriyot, September 30 2006, 11:28 PM

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I can feel the voice of logic in your writing Kenny. Many people talk about doing this, reforming the army that, but... read more >
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