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i agree 100% on that proposition, Mr president, you need to de-centralize the country, on every aspects, politics,economic, social.for example if i nedds my passport i don't to port-au-price myself to get one, license, birth certificate, license

Johny, September 1 2007, 4:21 PM

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i agree 100% on that proposition,Mr president,you need to de-centralize the country,on every... read more >
Johny, 1-Sep-07 4:21 pm
Ekselans. Gen de pawol ou tade yon neg ap di,w'ap mande si se pa fou li fou.Gen de bagay yon neg ap ekri,m' t'a di ti... read more >
Serge Desrameaux, 4-Sep-07 4:39 am


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