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You mean that the Duvalier are not responsible for the Country misery after all these years (from 1957 to 1886); Rene Preval, President for only five years puts the Country in misery.

He has done more constructions than the Duvalier; more houses were built all over the country, more roads have been fixed all over the country, more people went to work under his presidency than ever.

You need to know this brother: If you don't, please learn it once and for all. The army stops the government from doing his job. The same army that some Haitians have missed so much is still spreading panic all over the country by kidnapping, stealing, raping, and killing innocent civilians.

President Preval, and Jean Bertrand Aristide could have done more for the country.

Because your army is still angry for coup d'etat, for power, and wealth, the country cannot move forward.

For Haiti to move on in the right direction, the people should continue to dechouker the members of the former army one by one. They live in the country as a cancer to the poor nation, a cancer that has no cure in the world of misery, and panic.

Prosper Avril, Henry Namphy, Raoul cedras, and many more have dried out the country by stealing money and leaving the country in order to live well in foreign countries while President Preval decides to live with his people forever in the good times and bad times.

He remains a man of honesty and integrity; the army only gave birth to criminals, cold blooded people.

The army has conducted many coup d'etats that stop the country from growing for the benefit of the citizens.

robert magic

Robert Magic, September 29 2006, 11:33 AM

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Jean Rene Pierre Louis, 12-Sep-06 12:38 pm
You mean that the Duvalier are not responsible for the Country misery after all these years (from 1957 to 1886); Rene... read more >
Robert Magic, 29-Sep-06 11:33 am
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Eddy Philis, 8-May-07 6:55 pm
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Stanford Anderson, 27-Nov-08 10:21 am
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Matt Chacha, 27-Nov-08 12:00 pm
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Tiba, 27-Nov-08 12:05 pm
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