How we can possibly recognize a true leader.

Gros-morne Gonaives Usa - August 29 2007, 8:55 AM

About Jean Claude Duvalier.

I heard many Duvalier's fans trying to make the argument that there was nothing done after Duvalier.

But I object to that argument in the sense that Duvalier has not built institutions for the country that could last long.

Everything was in place only to serve his government.

I believe that's the reason why the country slowly collapsed after his regime left power.

A progressite and responsible leader organize his country for sustainable governability.

We need to learn to define and recognize a true leader by his unselfish character.

Don't forget that a lot of those Duvalier's fans are only nostalgic about personal privilleges.

Please let's all try to put Haiti first, not our personal interest.

We will all one day rip the associated benefits if we are ready for such a simple sacrifice

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