To: Mr. President Préval!

Morency J. - August 26 2007, 3:38 PM

I love the fact that there is a fight against corruption now. I encourage the idea, Mr. President, that the government implement a system that will point out foreign governments who are financial and initiative engines for the corrupted, Countries with intelligence that plan the Coup D'état as history prove it, but not only dishonored Haitian citizen who just still money but not jeopardized wholly the political system.

I admire your openness; I wish I could be one of your strategists.

It is a fight worth winning! I believe that most Haitian is honest, but they are week in their mind. Consequently, evil idealists bring proposal that make Haitian act foolishly.

That is the reason why we should invest in national education awareness, and school the nation about intelligence like it happens in other countries.

It is politically feasible!

God bless you Mr. President

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