Rebuild the human and professional capital of Ha

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There are many haitian professionals in the US and other countries who would like to return to Haiti on a short term or long term basis either to practice their trade or to establish commercial activities, or even to help the country at any level, but they ar still concerned with the security issue.

and a climate of fear that seems to interfere with every aspect of life in our land.
I suggest that the president appoint a commission, from the proffessional and business sectors, to reach out to those Hatians in the Diaspora, and officially invite them to consider a return to HAITI in an effort to rebuild the human and professionnal capital of the nation.

physicians and nurses will donate their time in health care; other can do the same in every field.

others will come and start a business and create employment for the population.

If the government takes this initiative, I am convince the result will be great.

Bennett J. Doreus

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Bennett J. Doreus, August 26 2007, 12:02 AM

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