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My name is Greg. I am an Haitian investor.

I would like to build a hotel/restaurant/resort style on either Tortuga, Port Morgan (Cow Island) or Navassa in Haiti.

They are small islands belonging to Haiti.

However, they are not developed.

Tortuga almost got developed under Papa Doc's regime but for some reason, it did not happen.

I believe that through tourism, Haiti can get out of the nighmarish crisis that it is suffering.

A real solution would be to develop those surrounding islands.

We can start with Tortuga for example.

We can build an aiport, a port, roads, provide electricity and water.

We also need a security/polioce force on Tortuga to stop any foreigners trying to claim the island for themselves.

With that in place, investors such as myself can come in and build resorts.

With the taxed and leased revenues, the Haitian goverment can work on the internal problems on the mainland.

I do not know why past/current administration did not think of this. We have the resources to make Haiti a great place.

Is it because we do not have the money to develop a place like Tortuga?

It is not a big island?

If it is a money problem, us Haitians can solve the Haiti nightmare.

We do not need to look for a handout from other nations.

This may be far out idea but I think all Haitians all over the world can donate $100 each per year to a "trusted" organization for special projects in Haiti.

We need a good marketing campain to reach Haitians all over the world.

We need to wake up their mind and get them to see that it is their duty to help the country.

The money would translate into billions of dollars.

Intead of using the money all over the place in Haiti, we should target the development of Tortuga.

The money we will make from the tourism from Tortuga can also develop Port Morgan, Navassa and ultimately Haiti's mainland.

This would take years but it would be well worth it. All we need is a focus.

Let's focused on developing Tortuga!!! Taiwan for example, 50 years ago was as poor as Haiti.

Now, take a look at it. I do not know if President Preval is really going to read this blog. I hope this message gets to him. I know that the President Preval has been to Tortuga and he saw how beautiful and clean the beaches are. We do not need to sell a place like Tortuga to another country.

We can do it ourselves and lease the land. Let's focus on Tortuga Mr. President!

Greg, August 20 2007, 3:50 PM

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