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I am an American who lives and works in Cange in the Plateau Centrale.

I made a pilgrimage to Marmelade to see for myself our new President's village and his work. I was very impressed with the modesty and the cleanliness and the beauty of flowers all around the Little White House.

I was even more delighted to observe his 3 industries formed with the Taiwanese: fresh juice, indigenous coffee for export and bamboo furniture.

I believe such a practical person is exactly what Haiti needs most. Later I visited Maison Bamboo in Tabarre, PaP and ordered a piece of Preval furniture.

Vive le President!!!Jacquelyn C. Williams

Jacquelyn C. Williams, September 24 2006, 8:23 PM

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Samuel Frederique, 23-Sep-06 2:21 am
I am an American who lives and works in Cange in the Plateau Centrale. I made a pilgrimage to Marmelade to see for... read more >
Jacquelyn C. Williams, 24-Sep-06 8:23 pm
Mr. President. I'm not happy with the way you shared the people power with the perpetual enemies of Haiti.Most of your... read more >
Patriot1, 20-Jan-07 1:49 am
Brother i suggest you get the facts before you make such a preposterous statement. What you're saying is completely... read more >
Julien, 20-Jan-07 12:22 pm
Good day, I read your comment posted in September 2006, and I think your facts, assessments, and anology are dead on... read more >
Jean-max, 5-May-07 9:40 pm
I'm please to read your comment, I believe through positive encouragement and positive feedback, the long process to... read more >
Samuel Frederique, 7-May-07 1:53 pm
I agree wholeheartedly with your comment, and share your views. I think one of the biggest crutch our generation... read more >
Jean-max, 8-May-07 6:50 pm
Are you still on the Island? Are you in the agriculture business? Can you reply to machairst at Regards, MCH read more >
Mch, 4-Aug-07 7:14 pm
This brother says alot of things that are right. The Haitian Diaspora should not be outsiders. They should too be... read more >
Brother L.k., 4-Aug-07 8:39 pm
It's funny I read this here, yesterday I was talking to someone about the fact that haitians living outside of haiti... read more >
Marcus, 13-Aug-07 9:06 am
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