a constructive word of advice to the president

Samuel Frederique - September 22 2006, 11:53 PM

The second coming of president Rene Gracia Preval was a difficult electoral proccess, this election has proven democracy is not dead in Haiti.

By the same token it could be the incarnation of a new party the Republican party.

What does this mean?

To me a country with two parties has better control during election time, I hope in the next decade, the patterns for election will change for the better.

First, congradulation to the new President of Haiti, Rene Gracia Preval on his victory.

Haiti need an effective decicision maker and an hands on president.

Haiti problems should categorize by priority.

Here are some suggestions for developing this critical skill.

1- Isolate the real problem(s) by identified issues which, if resolved will get you where you want to go. Of course, you must know what outcome or goal you want to achive.

Ask yourself repeatedly,"What is the real problem?"
Decide how big you will let the solution become not every problem merits all the resources we apply to solve it. Budget the maximum amount of time, money and materials, you can devote cost effective to solve the problem.

2- Establish the time frame for solving the problem, first, for devising the steps to be taken, then for implementing and completing the solution.

Gather only enough information to make an informed decisions, don't guess ask around for others' experiences, investigate real experinces only. If merited, hire a consultant with experience solving the same similar problems.

3- Trust your intuition, your mind rarely fools you into making mistakes, as long as you allow it time to think things through.

4- Choose the course of action that fits your time and budget, make sure the resources to be used match the priority of the problem being solved.

5- Implement your decisions, make the expectations clear regarding what is to be accomplished, how, when, and with what accountability for progress and completion.

6- Monitor progress, there are many distractions every day, so make sure priority problems are being worked on steadily.

Be the first one to use positive strokes, never be phony but let every person know what their unique value is to you. Freely give information with open-ended inquiries."How...




Why" types of leading question.

7- Make your goal to get to know what everyone really thinks, repeat back what you think you heard" I think I heard you say___.

Am I correct or could you tell me what you just heard me say. Stay in "eyeball to eyeball contact" a quote from your inauguration speech.

Communicators who are hurt often make a costly and deadly mistake, we forget to look each other straight in the eye, thereby missing important non-verbal cues.
8- The president should listen with an open attitude without haughty condemnation or blame, it is a gift that few of us are allowed to unwrap and enjoy.

Make a commitment to your self-esteem by using good listening skills that encourage everyone to feel at their best. Don't be a one man show.
9- The country need talents with qualification to meet the condition of the World Bank. Within two years, if your administration provide a safe environment, they will come from all over the world to invest and work "We are pround Haitian" and the time is now to move Haiti to the progressive level of global trading.

Haiti terre de soleil.

10- Remember only God have the ultimate power to choose President.

May God be with you and your administration.

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