Michel Martelly Stabbed the poor Haitians in his first actions

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Michel Martelly will be taxing the poor Haitians that are working in the USA, Bahamas, Canada and elsewhere is his first political blunder.

The money he has allocating for the military should have been allocated to develop agriculture.

Most of the Haitians living in the U.S.A, Bahamas, Canada and elsewhere are working at starvation wages and are doing odd jobs that are not permanent and subject to infrequent or cyclic period of unemployment.

Those poor Haitians are unable to travel to Haiti because of their precarious immigration status in the U.S.A., Bahamas, Canada and elsewhere.

Taxing those poor Haitians 5 cents per minutes for phone call they made knowing that most of them cannot read and write and cannot write letter or send e-mails to communicate with each other is a crime.

Haiti already has the more expensive phone plan per minutes in the Caribbean perhaps in the world Michel Martelly makes sure that he does not tax first the richest or the super Haitians in Haiti that never pay taxes or pay very little taxes in Haiti such as: Acra, Bigio, Boulos, Brandt, Castra, Daglanis, Gardere, Handal, Jaar, Lacome, Madsen, Marra, Mevs, Mourra, Marra, Mourra, Nadere etc
For money transfers---Most of the Haitian that send monies to Haiti are poor Haitians that leave their poor families in Haiti.

Those monies transfers agencies will wait for a few months and will pass the taxes to those poor Haitians and the rich Haitians will reroute their calls to Dominican Republic and the will find ways to resell the services to the Haitians in Haiti
Why he does not talk about the ripping off of the Haitian by the O.N.G. that are way overpaid for their duplication, triplication, quadruplicating X-100 of services.

Mr. Martelly if you are for the poor, stop taking from the poor to make the rich richer otherwise you will not last long on the chair despite of the new force of repression that use 40% of the Haitian budget your plan to build.


Agent-x, May 2 2011, 6:28 PM

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Galdy, 2-May-11 6:40 pm
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Agent X, 2-May-11 6:51 pm
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Audrey Williams, 3-May-11 3:00 am
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Mercelus, 3-May-11 12:08 pm
Agent X, First time I ever agreed with you then there is no more to add you have said it all. I amm really appreciated... read more >
Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 3-May-11 2:22 pm
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Agent-x, 3-May-11 2:57 pm
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 3-May-11 3:29 pm
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Agent X, 3-May-11 4:36 pm
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 3-May-11 7:51 pm
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