Corruption Nan Archive National D'Haiti

Mad Haitian - August 14 2007, 8:43 AM

Every Haitian complains about corruption in Archive National D'Haiti.

In every country in the world, you birth certificate is registered and used as a valid document but not in Haiti.

What is an Extrait D'Archive?

What is it's purpose?

Why does it have to be renewed?

Why we always have to prove that we are Haitian even in our own country?

Most important question:

Is there any Haitian person out there who does not pay a "RAQUETEUR" hundreds of dollars in order to get or renew their extrait D'archive?

Is there any Haitian out there who has gotten their extrait D'archive through legal means?

Why is Archive National D'Haiti not computerized?

Why is Archive National D'Haiti centralized only in port au prince.

In this day and age, you go to Archive National D'Haiti, you have to pay somebody hundreds of dollars to pull up your records.

in whose pocket is that money going?

Depi se moun Haiti ki ale nan Archive National D'Haiti, yo tout pran anba rakete.

Fem tande nou!

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Loulou says...

MON ami Pierro, you have a good point. Se nan Achieve National ke tout vole yo chita. Se an dola meriken oui, yo vle... more »

Bretner says...

I have been here since 1991, and have renewed my passport twice. Now I'm trying to do it again and they're telling me... more »

Jean says...


Gonaives says...

Pathetic. Things must be really boring in Langley these days. They can put you guys through Creole classes but you... more »

Gonaives Dessalines says...

Ou se yon chen e restavek milat. You are a dog and a mulato subservient. Why don't you go hide in a toilet, for you do... more »

Katia says...

sa se pa manti. nan 2010 lan okinn bureau leta pa gin computer. yap vole lajan selman min yo pap fe sak dwe fet. mwen... more »

Karl H. Zachary says...

Katia, fanm vanyan tout sa ou di a se vre. Si ou we pyes kochon milat sa yo kap dirije administrasyon leta kom chef... more »

Katou says...

Pi gwo vole le a se Rene Preval. Mwen pa regret mwen natiralize, ala wont le map gade je vole sa yo nan tele isit. Kan... more »

Douyon says...

You should prove it. Preval as a marrionet is honnest and the international is aware of this fact. If you are not a... more »

Amelie Julien says...

sa fe wont ou pa ka jwen you extre achive papye lan peyi dayiti.yo reyelman pa serye,se pran lajan moun epi plin vant... more »