Pact of a non-aggression signed in hurry

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On 04-20-2011 about 19:20 hour, I received a call from Telephone # 212-221-xxx0.

The caller identified himself as blogger Toulimen who sounded somehow distraught while saying to me that he is really sorry for being rude and hostile to me on the blog and begging me for pardon.

Subsequently he handed the telephone to Pastor Rivel Dumaine and Mr. Jean Pierre Alexander who echoed similar regrets to me except that Alexander and Dumaine tried to be more elaborate in their Mea culpa.

I told them that there is no need for them to extend their catalogs of regrets to me if they are willing to behave toward me as their superior on the Preval blog. The trio agreed to behave according to my instruction effective immediately.

Agent X, April 20 2011, 11:42 PM

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Agent x,since yesterday i gave up on you. I need my energy to focus on more important things like how to built the... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 21-Apr-11 6:58 am
Agent X, you are a comedian and funny; you make me laugh like the Aristidiens or Lavalassiens, Prevalist, and... read more >
Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 21-Apr-11 8:59 am
This is a 10-4. I owe you guys an apology for all those lies that I fabricated to feed you in frenzy so I kept... read more >
Agent X, 21-Apr-11 9:21 am
what the hell is wrong with you folks on this crazy at ss blog. what insane asylum let you folks loose on this blog? read more >
Jynee, 21-Apr-11 10:45 am
Agent x, Pastor Rivel Dumaine said you are a comedian; I will add one more thing by saying.You are dangerous! It's not... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 21-Apr-11 11:09 am
Jynee,can you tell me what is wrong? If you find anything creazy let's me know. If you think we have a loose nut in... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 21-Apr-11 11:29 am
So Toulimen,The Pastor, and Mr. Alexander is the father,the daughter and the mauvaise esprit in one person Where as... read more >
Agent X, 21-Apr-11 11:41 am
Agent x,10-75 up there? I hope 10-65 that? 10-3 your crap, you are too 10-54. Go to the next donut shop and enjoy... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 21-Apr-11 1:40 pm
She is right you guys are crazy.Yall doing lady's thing here sinced two days.You people keep that tension back and... read more >
Richelle, 21-Apr-11 8:25 pm
Past of Non Aggression was signed among the plenipotentiaries on this blog. All Quiet On The Western Front. Agent X... read more >
Agent Xa, 21-Apr-11 9:09 pm
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