Haitians Must Use Western Union To Stop Haitian Food Importers

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All Haitians should use Western Union services for money transfer transactions to stop Haitian food importers in the destruction of the Haitian economy.

If you want an agriculture program to take place in Haiti you must stop using the services of those food importers so jobs could be created in Haiti.

If you believe in an independent Haiti, agriculture should be a strong priority for you. If you keep using the services of those destroyers of the Haitian economy such as CAM, SOCATRANSFER and Unitransfer, you would tell them that you are happy with their destruction of Haiti and their created Haitian Diaspora's welfare.

You must stop using their services if you want jobs to be created in Haiti to release some pressure of your shoulders.

Temporarily, use Western Union to help those lazy merchants in Haiti create jobs for Haitians in Haiti to stop Haitians' dependency toward the Haitian Diaspora's revenues.

We must do that and I encourage you to do so. You can buy prepaid credit cards to send money to your loved ones in Haiti and you can use all U.S. banks to wire money in Haiti to stop those lazy Haitian merchants in their destruction of Haiti.

They need to create jobs in Haiti for Haitians.

Haitian Diaspora is not an easy money earned through drug traffickings but through hard works in taxi, trains, buses, trucks, schools, nursing homes, restaurants and other places to name a few. We must stop kicking their derrieres so they can create jobs in Haiti.

Rich Haitian merchants are lazy and they are destroying Haiti to create more dependency toward the Haitian Diaspora.

Some sold out Haitians will fight this boycott project and you must start identifying them now. We have no choice but using Western Union on a temporary basis will be a strong signal to force those lazy merchants to create jobs in Haiti.

They need to stop being mercenaries to enter the modern world with the idea of creating jobs for their fellow citizens.

It is an unpatriotic decision against Haitian merchants, but we must do that to free Haiti from all types of dependency.

Toulimen Legrand, April 16 2011, 1:18 PM

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