Leblanc, They don't understand what is peace and paradise. I...

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Leblanc, They don't understand what is peace and paradise.

I was told by my grand-pa Haiti was a paradise on earth in the 50's,60's,70's, and in the 80's i was too young to understand.

Before he died in 1994 on his sick bed he explain to me everything good and bad about the situation.

I want to all of you to know I am not, i repeat, i am not a politician.

I am the seed of Haiti like all of you.I am one of the best specialist if not the best in the USA in aerospace industry.

I travel alot in other foreign countries and i realize Haiti is the only country That i don't feel safe and can die in second"Haiti to me is like playing Russian roulette when you are inside of it".

And i remember my grand-pa told me even if someone dies for that country it's worthed to die for, just makes sure you don't die in vain.
For 25 years i think about all possibilities regarding the situation in Haiti, it far more worse a human can imagine.

I know my weapons very well like a good pastor know his bible.but in Haiti i don't fell safe even our home is like a fort loaded with metals of all calibers.

In the street day or night you feel the same way.
I can only trust my grand-father words and my own experience.

I will support all options to removed these bastards of the land.
Haiti is a battlefield with out soldiers, rats pakaka rules, chimeres rules, zinglindos rules, drog dealers rules, kidnappers rules, gangsters rules, mafia rules, fakes CIA haitians rules, Bad officials rules ect...

At any coast Haiti need to cut-off the cancer out.
By the away i don't use fake name.
This is my real name in the blog, i don't have nothing to hide.
I want all Haitians to love Haiti and thrives in peace to enjoy the beauty of life in Haiti at any time day or night like before or better.


Jean Pierre Alexandre, April 16 2011, 6:14 AM

Topic: Restaurer La Peine De Mort En Matiere Criminelle Pour Mettre Fin Aux Crimes

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