Rooster: An American Calls MINUSTAH A BUNCH OF Monsters

Toulimen Legrand - April 13 2011, 2:17 PM

Haitians are not living in the past Rooster.

They have a cultural heritage to preserve and they must preserve it till the end. America is destroying Haiti by preventing Haiti to be itself.

America needs to stop producing for the whole world.

People in America are living hell while America's resources are wasting overseas.

I wish America could prevent those Haitian Merchants' food importers to stop importing foods from its country and I bet you that Haitians would start feeding themselves.

The U.S. cultural and economic invasion in Haiti create laziness and people don't see the need to produce for themselves anymore.

I know the United States will do everything it can to discourage any agricultural programs in Haiti, but I am telling you for sure if they try the United States this time will lose all Haitians' trust and the dance will be over. Haitians love Americans, but the U.S. government has a destruction policy toward Haiti that needs to stop. Haiti can join the Modern World as you state, but they don't want their life expectancy to be controled and reduced by a superpower that keeps playing GOD on earth and they don't want their life to be modified in any way. Haitians want to be born naturally and they don't want control over their lives as freed people.

Our ancestors did not fight for that. The United States needs to respect our culture and must live with us in a peaceful coexistence.

The U.S. CIA kills so many educated Haitians in Haiti for no reason and along with certain economic elites' members they transform Haiti into a crime paradise and now they are calling for an Etat De Droit with transparency.

They are part of all Haitians' problems and Haitians need to be freed from the United States' influence so they can do stuffs on their own. We need a disengagement of the U.S. into our problems so we can solve them on our own. Haiti does not need to be a U.S. territory to be developed, but it should develop on its own and by its own means and the United States needs to understand that.

I keep repeating you over and over that the United States needs Haiti more than Haiti needs it itself and it has proven in many ways. Don't you see how the United States try to coerce all other countries within the MINUSTAH to impose their own economic agenda on Haiti and that cannot work this way. Sarkozy was mad at Obama by saying that Haiti is an independent country and the international community should deal with Haiti as an independent country and not as a colonized country of any particular country around the world.

Who do you think Sarkozy was referring to?

The United States, Canada, France, Brazil and British?

You tell me! And what country has the power to impose its economic agenda over MINUSTAH?

That is why you are saying that they are a bunch of monsters because they refuse to prioritize America's interests inside that institution.

All MINUSTAH's members want Haiti to be an independent country while the U.S. government wants it to be dependent on America.

The new government as backed up by the Haitian elites will not tolerate that anymore and Haiti's interests will be its priority.

I hope that you understand my point of view

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