I will not not say that MINUSTAH is a bunch of monkeys because...

Toulimen Legrand - April 13 2011, 1:28 PM

I will not not say that MINUSTAH is a bunch of monkeys because MINUSTAH is an American agency's creation for colonizing Haiti.

MINUSTAH is a sister organization of the United Nations which is an American institution because all U.N. executive employees receive their salaries from the United States federal government.

Saying that MINUSTAH is a bunch of monkeys may mean that Americans are monkeys for creating that MINUSTAH.

Well, I may be disappointed of the U.S. foreign policy toward my country which is very bad, but I will not go that far to say that Americans are a bunch of monkeys.

I may not like the republican fiscal, cultural and economical policies toward HAITI but I cannot and never myself will treat Americans as a bunch of monkeys for creating their own agency to deal with Haiti's economic and political affairs.

I always state that Americans and not their government are God-loving people and Americans would never love to see those sufferings and political assassinations taking place against national dissidents who are trying to protect their own countries against all foreign invasion.

They are on the news denouncing the CIA's killings and involvement in internal divisions everywhere in the world except yourself.

No, I cannot treat them as monsters and they are not. You will not trap me here ok. Americans are not monsters for creating an agency called MINUSTAH.

You are that monster and shame on you for treating Americans like monster.

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