Well said brother and nothing else to add. That is where the...

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Well said brother and nothing else to add. That is where the double standard between Aristide and the occupation, destruction, and the corruption with the cronies to sell Haiti.

He is the worst guy Haiti is ever known in it history.

He destroyed the sovereignty of his own country to put an occupation by a foreign Military force; the worst of all you have some brainless said that Aristide is the most intellectual in Haiti, however; Aristide will tell anyone that is the biggest insult to His character to qualify Him that high. Whose Intellectual will sell his country for the sake of power?

This is a guy that is only interesting for power with a speech to masquerading the people.

Krik Krak ler nou pa nan piyay nap nan ayayay.

Krik Krak ala yon bel zouti se zouti sa?

Aristide doue arete menm jan yo te Menen President Jean Claude Duvalier devan lajistis.

Toro sa doue pase devan tribinal tou. epi li desan ak bann akolit li yo anko kraze peyi pi red. lap konn jorj.

Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

Very good point, keep up tell the truth one day our people will see the light and realize this was the serpent.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., April 11 2011, 10:11 PM

Topic: Stanley Lucas Calls For Vaccination Against Cholera In Haiti

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Joubert, 6-Apr-11 6:56 pm
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Dieusimene Francois, 11-Apr-11 4:34 pm
Well said brother and nothing else to add. That is where the double standard between Aristide and the occupation... read more >
Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 11-Apr-11 10:11 pm
This the people who know what they talking about without prejudice and partiality. Good job. God bless you for this... read more >
Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 12-Apr-11 10:26 pm
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Aprebaltamboulou, 12-Apr-11 10:42 pm
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Boiron Tonnerre, 12-Apr-11 11:15 pm
This is Able Rooster. That is the most irresponsible, inept, moronic, bleeding-heart bunch of horse manure I have ever... read more >
Rooster, 13-Apr-11 12:39 pm
Rooster,I always read your inputs. Most of the time i agree with you base in the truth,like yesterday you said... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 13-Apr-11 1:07 pm
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