This Blog Owner Is Launching A Campaign To Bash Martelly

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Martelly used to be vulgar as an entertainer, so what?

He was an entertainer and he did the best he could to entertain his million fans, so what?

He used to play good music although he was vulgar.

All the vulgar words that he used in this posted song, yourself has used them on a daily basis.

He stops being vulgar to be a better person, but you are still using those words and you love them so much that you have decided to post this song. I think that's the only song that you have learned from him. What about the other ones where he does not used cursed words?

This was a Bal Maske and in Bal Maske i.e. Burlesque Show one has to use cursed words to entertain his or her grotesque public and what's wrong with that?

He did what he could in a burlesque way to promote Haitian vulgarities and he stops being a vulgar person.

He never hides his vulgar side when he was entertaining others, but you are a vulgar person and he wants you to change to be a better person.

The end justifies the means, he had used vulgarities in a burlesque show to entertain a grotesque public and you were there using repeating those vulgar words when he was singing them. He never denies that he was vulgar and is he still a vulgar person?

No. His vulgarities promoted him and made him as of today's date the most popular person in Haiti.

He was not singing in that burlesque show as known as bal maske for an educated public and there you had 95% of uneducated persons singing and dancing and you were one them. What are you trying to demonstrate?

A person has several steps to reach before becoming a true person and again one can learn more from his or her bad actions than from his or her sainthood actions.

Martelly never states that he was a sainthood person.

He is a sinner like you and many of us. Your accusations are vagueless and if you can go in Haiti to tell 95% of those Haitians who voted for him that he is not qualified to serve them, believe me they would spare you to death.

You need to shut up. We love Martelly and we just want him to succeed with his presidential career.

He was an entertainer and not a politician and this is the first time Haiti voted for an outsider with the hope to change this corrupted system and you want to bring him down and I am telling that you cannot and you will not be successful in your stupid accusations.

Now, we must separate the artist from the president and as a former ochestra chief, he will know how to rally behind him the best qualified persons to serve the interests and the needs of the Haitian people.

I love him and my family has no remorse whatsoever to vote for him. As a member of the Haitian oligarch, you have educated only 5% of your fellow citizens and the 95% who are uneducated cannot choose you and your oligarch family members anymore after 206 years of independence to serve this country.

They want to stop being vulgar like Martelly was and he takes a former vulgar person to reach them, to motivate them to renounce to vulgarity like Martelly did so they could educate themselves in return.

Martelly is good and he will bring down this market monopoly in Haiti through the BOOT system.

You have no shame pointing out the past of Martelly.

Dominican Republic built 31 airports in its country and so many highways where your educated oligarch family members have not built any while they were in power.

You are scared because he wants to change this system.

Moron, you will not succeed with your stupid accusations.

Michel Martelly was like Joe Biden who has used a F word in the white house recorded by a journalist to show how vulgar the vice president was to bring him down. He is still the vice president of Obama.

The latter used to smoke crack-cocaine, is he smoking crack now?


He is a better person and he is serving well the United States, so what Martelly had used vulgar words such as imaged F words to curse others while he was an entertainer?

Is he using them now?

No. You are losing your case stupid!

Stop before Haitians spare you to death after they voted for the man they believe could lift them up from poverty.

You are a Charognard-CIA's spy and I warn you to stop before I ask Micky's fans to stop you and you know very well that they can fix you in the Haitian way ok!

Toulimen Legrand, April 10 2011, 6:39 PM

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