Just give them a chance to do their job

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I think Mr. Preval and his administration just need a chance.

A chance to use their good judgement and knowledge to put Haiti back on its tracks.

If the Haitian people voted for him, it is because that we know they could do a better job. in the other hand, that does not mean we are suppose to stop been concerning about our public affairs, because opportunists or thieve are everywhere.

they are just waiting for the right time to strick again.

the same people that use to steal our taxes money and our out side aides are still around, and their goal is to boycote efforts of good governments, in other to keep doing what they do best, stealing our country's revenue.

So, the only thing we have to do to help Preval and his administration better help Haiti, is to watch out for those opportunist or thieve; because our political instabilisation is their econnomic stability.

A good five years of good administration of Preval, will bring a stable Haiti.

And a stable country is a healthy and whealthy country.

Good government minus thieve is equal to lest tribulation and misery in our beloved Haiti.

I hope Preval the best.

Pascauxx22, September 20 2006, 2:55 AM

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Loly, your concern is much understandable, but remember Preval is not a man of words like the other fellow, he's a man... read more >
Ayisyen Patriyot, 11-Jun-06 8:50 am
thanks a lot for your reply i am sure we are not in place to critized a man in order to justified anoter man are we... read more >
Loly, 11-Jun-06 9:05 am
preziden Preval mouin kontan pale avek ou.Mouin rinmin gouvenman an anpil.Mouin fe-l konfians min you sel bagay map... read more >
Yves Thelusma, 19-Jun-06 12:45 am
You're a fool. Si Aristid tounen tout espwa sekirite menase, Kite Preval aji pou kont li. Kite aristid bwe kob li an... read more >
Ayisyen Patriyot, 19-Jun-06 8:19 pm
as haitian i believe that haiti should look forward for the future instead of looking backward. it's been so many... read more >
Timiracle, 23-Jul-06 3:50 pm
I think what you wrote would have been exceptional,but you failed a very vital principle"Stop acusing each other,stop... read more >
Louinel Jean, 24-Jul-06 5:15 pm
Why we cannot speak the truth. Calling criminals, those who are doing criminal acts. In a matter of fact, I do not... read more >
Jocelyn, 10-Aug-06 11:14 pm
I think Mr. Preval and his administration just need a chance. A chance to use their good judgement and knowledge to... read more >
Pascauxx22, 20-Sep-06 2:55 am
I support Pascauxx22 for Mr. Preval needs a chance to govern the country but at the same time we need to keep on track... read more >
Mo, 20-Sep-06 11:14 am
The second coming of president Rene Gracia Preval was a difficult electoral proccess, this election has proven... read more >
Samuel Frederique, 22-Sep-06 11:53 pm
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