U.S. Cultural Invasion In Haiti Must Stop

Toulimen Legrand - April 9 2011, 11:06 PM

The United States needs to know that Haiti has a culture to defend and it must stop invading the Haitian culture.

The United States Cultural Information Services as known as U.S.CIS are paying a lot of money through the Haitian radios in the capital and in several provinces to make the radio entertainers play more American music than Compas and Folklore Music.

This must stop and Haiti cannot continue to tolerate that anymore.

Radio Metropole keeps its originality and it tries to retain at least 70% of its Haitian culture but Signal FM and Caraibes are sold-out radio stations and they are killing the Haitian culture.

CIA spies are all over Haiti and they are spending money to destroy the Haitian culture by killing Voodoo priests and folklore musicians.

We must step up to denounce that and they are conspiring with some Haitian elites members and especially the Syrian descents to destroy our culture.

Those Syrians are on this blog to spy on us by fomenting all types of accusations to scare us. If they don't stop we will kick them out of Haiti.

They are the biggest food importers in Haiti and they are ready to kill Martelly if he tries to put the peasants at work. Those crooks had a meeting in Florida and they are ready to boycott Martelly's micro-credit system designed to revive the Haitian economy.

Linda, you have said that many Haitians already died and Haiti does not need any other revolts and I agree with you for not being a war supporter, but tell me what we can do to stop this boycott as planned by those Syrians in Haiti.

They don't want the Haitian government to create jobs for Haitians to relieve the pressure on the back of the Haitian Diaspora.

Tell me what we can do to prevent those morons from boycotting economic projects in Haiti.

They are the owners of this blog and they are attacking Haitian bloggers who are calling for peace, unity, reconciliation and creation of works in Haiti.

Should we continue to tolerate those morons in their conspiracy with the U.S.CIA network system to continue to kill more Haitians as well as boycotting the Haitian government restructuration plan.

Tell me Tiba, Linda, Jean-Pierre, Rev Dumaine, Joubert, Samba, Serge, Mona, Jynnee, Junette, Angie and Angela to name a few what shall we do?

They have money and they are powerful in lies and in killing too. They are Duvalierists and they are filling a lot of positions within all Haitian public institutions.

In their last meeting held in Miramar and Fort Lauderdale, they said that they would shut down the Haitian government soon. Should we let those Syrians do that?

Please talk and tell them what we will do to stop them!

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Rooster says...

Toulimen L. This is Able Rooster. Who owns this blog? Certainly not the Syrians. America runs the whole show; you can... more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

I will not not say that MINUSTAH is a bunch of monkeys because MINUSTAH is an American agency's creation for... more »

Assamiacana Aruelta says...

Toutlumin works for the counterintelligence division for the CIA in operation "Walking back the cat" more »

Rooster says...

This is Able Rooster. Toulimen L., again you missed my point. America is the puppeteer; minustah is the puppet. Get it... more »

Toulimen Legrand says...

America as a puppet master as you call it is dealing with a non-puppet MINUSTAH and Edmond Mullet proves not to be a... more »