It is not easy for some of you in the blog while writing to...

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - April 8 2011, 11:04 PM

It is not easy for some of you in the blog while writing to educate and dignify our country and people form the rest of the world.

Believing many of you have superb education to be eventual and potential leader in our great nation if chosen to do so for the common cause of saving our nation.

It has been a long journey with landslide victory.

Brothers and sisters don't take this mechanism on the blog for granted God willing we can change Haiti for ever and now finishing by understanding that our goal is to deliver Haiti.Let us unite and really we will see Haiti back on the global economic that was lost due the bad gestation and management.

Deciding not to put the blame on any one else let recognize those in the blog that wanted to make a change for all Haitians and I mean that all Haitians.

Toulimen, It is with honor to learn that you are studying Theology of Liberation; it is not without your heart as you have continued to demonstrate the love you have for Haiti.

I don't really care what job you have and who are working for?

Use your opportunity to join hands with the thousand soldiers waiting to ignite the canon to free Haiti once for all.

Mes remerciement a vous aussi parce que c'est un devoir patriotique et national envers ceux qui veulent voir la liberation totale capitale d' Haiti.

No one can not forget Tiba who for long time in the blog has been a voice for dignity and decency and quality education a good friend of all the bloggers and many others a long list we will never able to name.

We need to start a movement in the blog that represent all classes in Haiti when they have been shut up ; we can speak up for them.

As for me, we need a revolution against poverty, social, economic, religious, power, education, and humanism injustice that continue to destroy our brothers and sister.

We can do better! Yes we must raise the standard of freedom for all I feel the blood Louverture, Dessalines, Francois Capois Lamort, Charlemage Peralta, boil inside of me when I see the misery of my people.

Let's look around us in the Caribbean Haiti was the number 1 and now We lose our beauty.

Long live Haiti and long live my brothers and sisters.

With certain discipline we are sure to win the battle and the fight.

All countries around the globe have key secret for their success dont point fingers let move on to brake the iceberg of all furious virus that wanted to kill Haiti's Success.

My Religious philosophy is the peaceful revolution to arrive at certain level of fairness.

My brothers and sisters don't let nobody coming to divide us for a divided house can stand.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

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