It will work and now some Dominicans are yelling because they...

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It will work and now some Dominicans are yelling because they thought that they would be the only ones using this system to create jobs in their country.

They were the ones financing Mirelande's campaign against Martelly.

The reason they are making money on Haitians because they are selling us goods with higher prices through their BOOT system while they are charging lower prices to their citizens there.

Since they have good international airports from the BOOT system, Haitians use their aiports to come to Haiti instead of landing straight to Port-Au-Pce and they provide luxury bus services to cross the DR-Haitian borders and if we are in the same system like them they will lose a lot of money and they start yelling against Martelly.

We will take that mortgage like Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Dominican Republic and many more to name a few and if we bankrupt we could still get rescued from the world financial market.

Preval was given this option since he came in power so he could create jobs to lift Haitians from poverty and he said that he would not mortgage the future of the Haitian people.

What this stupid does not understand is this: The world is interconected toward a global market and if you refuse to enter this global market your country would be doomed to failure and your fellow citizens would have to live in worst economic social conditions where they were forced to eat dirt or mudcakes.

There is no such thing taking over a country in this interconnected world and if you bankrupt by no fault on your parts there are several financing options available to rescue a bankrupted country.

Martelly must seize this opportunity now and sign up for the BOOT system so jobs could be created in Haiti.

Under the BOOT, they will build several highways, airports, shopping centers, hospitals, telecommunications and many more like in Dominican Republic.

It works there and why not in Haiti?

The Dominicans thought they were the only ones that could use the BOOT system on the region, Martelly got the contacts and he would provide jobs to many Haitian citizens and from there he would end corruption in Haiti.

I wish he could hire new faces within his cabinet to work for the best of interests of Haiti, for the former employees of those past governments are enemies to civilization and progress.

Let's advise him on not to reappoint those crooks.

Take care brother and may the Almighty One watch over you!

Toulimen, April 7 2011, 9:05 PM

Topic: Martelly Put The BOOT System At Work In Everything In Haiti

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It will work and now some Dominicans are yelling because they thought that they would be the only ones using this... read more >
Toulimen, 7-Apr-11 9:05 pm


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