Martelly Put The BOOT System At Work In Everything In Haiti

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The BOOT Corporation is a very powerful economic institution and independent from the U.S. Corporations that are dominated by greed and racist competitions.

This organization is filled with good U.S. Corporations not the bad ones, good Canadian Corporations and British Corporations that are willing to change the Third World countries like the Dominican Republic.

They need stability and unity in a country to work and they train qualified employees at the lower level of management to do their works while providing services to many fellow citizens in many countries around the world.

Moreover, in a boot system, one cannot steal or corrupt others because they will tell you straight this:the more that you steal the more they will stay in your country and the longer the transfer will be. It is a privatized colonization that will provide good services to all and when they build something they want it to work and once they earn the money they have spent to build that system for you, their mandate ends and they will transfer ownerships to you. There is no freedom without an economic price to pay. This is the only way to end corruption in a country like Haiti by putting the BOOT system at work.

Furthermore, for those of you who have purchased a house you would know what's a mortgage is?

A BOOT system is a type of mortgage where you don't have the official title of ownership for the company they built for you until you fully paid all established payments on that morgage corporation.

Some BOOT companies operate on 15 and 30 year terms and once you fully paid them they transfer ownership title to you like the ownership title on any mortgage that you take on a house.

If you are not scared of acquiring a mortgage why not acquiring a mortgage corporation on your country for 15 or 30 years?

People will get good services and the country has nothing to lose through good governance and if you fail like Greece and Portugal and others they offer financial packages to rescue you.

What a country of Haiti will lose?


Micky needs to downsize the government by getting rid of 97% of crook employees to let the BOOT (BILL OPERATING ON TRANSFER) system works.

This is the solution of corruption in Haiti and Haitians can be respected again.

I hope that you understand it! Ask questions and I will answer you if I am not clear enough.

We can save Haiti and we must do it. Haiti cannot continue to operate with 97% of crook employees who keep stealing, dividing as well as killing others to please the U.S.CIA. I am tired of this statu quo and Micky must change it now!

Toulimen Legrand, April 7 2011, 1:29 PM

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Now i got it,i deed not understand the boot system. Thanks read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 7-Apr-11 5:32 pm
It will work and now some Dominicans are yelling because they thought that they would be the only ones using this... read more >
Toulimen, 7-Apr-11 9:05 pm


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