Save Yourself: Haitian Unity Is Needed To Save Haiti

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Remember these people are disturbing people and they are paid to create disunity among the Haitian people.

We must identify them and peacefully ignore them. I was almost killed under the Aristide's regime for a simple joke one week after he got installed in power and the next month I stayed away from him until the CIA-Haitian elites brought his power down. I could have hated Aristide to death, but what would I get?

Nothing! If I hate Aristide or Duvalier, I would please more the dividers than Haitians themselves.

I put my anger aside against both regimes to help my country heal peacefully.

The U.S.CIA forces that are occupying the Haitian territory know how to divide us in making us lose our Haitianity as well as our humanity.

The United States does not want Haitians to create their own peace because they believe that Haitians are their children.

It is time for Haitians to identify those dividers and defend their country.

We must unite ourselves if we want to save Haiti.

They don't like Haitian unity because they are the source of our conflicts to satisfy their needs.

I want Michel Martelly to be the president of all Haitians if he wants to save Haiti.

His first priority should be unity to heal the nation while helping the Haitian Diaspora to return home. The earthquake of 2011 teaches us a unity lesson as Haitians and we must do anything in our power to heal the nations.

Pastors, educators, singers, workers, priests and Voodoo priests should play the role of healers and not dividers to help Haiti heal. Without unity, we will be doomed to failure.

I apologize for offending anyone on this blog while campaigning on behalf of Martelly.

Now, Martelly got elected and we should all rally behind him to save Haiti.

We all have a role to play in the future of Haiti.

I have been living in the United States for the past 25 years and I have learned a lot from this white racist country.

I have learned how people created Meaning in the U.S. media and how they got it disseminated to brainwash everyone.

I have witnessed so many deaths among several minorities within the U.S. healthcare system and I have learned how all whites are enjoying good health inside the U.S. racist system which accounts them for longer life expectancy.

The more income one has the better off this person could be into the U.S. racist system.

The United States is a commercial type country which will never emphasize on human social well-being and people have to compete and I would further say fight between themselves to survive.

The United States are selling many types of foods depending of the areas where people are living in. For instance, in some states or counties, a single food may have 6 to 7 killing chemicals such as high fructose corn syrup (can weaken your immune system over 30 years of usage if one does not take vitamins), dextrose, maltodextrose, MSG, BHT, and Red, blue and Yellow dying colors responsible for a lot of type of cancers to name a few. Who eat those foods?

Minorities mostly.

That is why I purchase my foods in wealthy rich areas and no one can prevent me from doing so and when I compare the chemicals on those same foods they are very different and how do you call that?

Racism period.

People are being punished for being poor in America and they have to die like animals in the U.S. hospitals.

Poor live in dangerous areas near nuclear plant facillities, polluted lakes, rivers and occean based on their income.

People got different news based on their areas and they don't know what's happening in America.

People get news on the internet based on their race and ethnicity due to Internet Friendly User Webpages.

Real information are being hidden to some people because they are poor. In some areas, the media are brainwashing people to reduce their purchasing power in advising them not to use credit cards while in rich areas credit cards usage are emphasized to make the system work and make those people healthier than ever by saving their own money into their bamking system.

Poor don't have saving and rich do have. Remember, the news network belong to the rich and they are controled by the government.

Do we have to import this kind of racism to Haiti?

I don't think so! We can learn some stuffs from them but importing racism into our own country will not be tolerated.

The dividers know how to divide us to satisfy their needs and they will need sold-out Haitians like Stanley Lucas to destroy Haiti piece by piece.

I will die for a good cause to protect Haitians and I will not hesitate to save the ones who want to be saved.

We must remember our roots and we should create our own democracy to save Haiti

Toulimen Legrand, April 7 2011, 12:37 PM

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