I totally agree and I couldn't have said it any better. He...

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I totally agree and I couldn't have said it any better.

He needs to continue to ask his son to read all Haitian's blog postings for our advices as he did it during his last campaign.

He believes like Obama in the power of the internet and he should listen to what we are saying as we are the base. He should be connected with us all the times if he wants to move Haiti forward.

Along with what you just proposed to him, I would emphasize that land redistribution and farming activities should be the top first priorities.

He can mechanize the agriculture by doing it in a way that is sustainable to our ecosystem.

The United States has a lot of organic farmers ready to help Haiti producing good foods and I would love him to contact them. He needs to contact Dumas and Paul both Massachussets and Texas to help due to the fact that they are reputable Haitian farmers in the United States.

The second priority will be the education because people need to be able to feed themselves first before they start learning anything.

Later, I will contact his base where I will fax a long proposal to help Haiti.

I wish him good luck and I start planning my return in a few years.

The CIA's question should be solved for we have lost too many educated citizens through this criminal network.

All they keep doing in HAITI is identifying Haitian dissidents everywhere in Haiti and overseas to get them killed or poisoned in Haiti.

That must stop and that's not the contact that we want to have with the United States.

We are an independent country and will never be a U.S. territory so why killing in great numbers Haitian dissidents?

I am sick and tired of CIA's criminal activities in Haiti and they are the ones who keep dividing all Haitians.

Enough is enough, Martelly should collect the loose and unregistered guns in Haiti to stop those criminal activities in Haiti.

Through unity and faith, we can be respected again all over the world.

Take care!

Toulimen, April 4 2011, 7:08 PM

Topic: President "Tete Kale" must rally ALL Haitians to be successful!

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