Mirelande Should Call Martelly To Congratulate His Victory

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Hey Mirelande, put your anger aside and read your concession speech right away. As you may be selected as the next Prime Minister of Haiti, and if that is the will of the international community, I will not oppose to it, but I would rather have you as a JUSTICE MINISTER OR AN EDUCATION MINISTER to move HAITI forward.

Anyway, if it happens to be you as the next prime minister, I will abide by this choice for you are the lesser one between the two evils (Preval and Jude Celestin).

Right now, I am telling that I praise your efforts for having a tough campaign against Martelly and you are paving the way for future female generations in a near future.

By 2021, who knows we may have a woman president and it could be Marie Supplice Beauzil or someone's else. Good job and you are a very good campaigner.

Other female generations will look up upon your shoulders for guidance.

You are a very good role model as a woman for all female Haitian politicians.

Shirley Chisholm was the first female candidate president in the U.S. and she had paved the way for Hilary, Sarah Palin and others to become female presidents in the future.

Do not discourage at all and in any race there should be a winner and a loser to put an end to that race. You have lost a race but you don't lose Haiti; therefore, as a Haitian politician woman I am asking you to concede and see the future of Haiti.

Join with Martelly and both of you could save Haiti.

Do like Hilary Clinton and unite with the new president to save Haiti.

We all love you! May the Almighty One bless you!

Toulimen, April 4 2011, 6:48 PM

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