Mes Remerciements A Tiba, Jean-Pe, Linda, Middy, Joubert, Rev Dumaine and

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I was watching for all of you guys and I reported first the information from Reuters and MSNBC.Com. I thank you for your strong courage to understand the voice of wisdom and reason.

You truly believe in Martelly's campaign promises so do I. I will continue to support this guy from the bottom of my heart but if he decides to continue the Duvalierism's reign of dark ages I will withdraw my support and amount an opposition against him. I hope that I will not have to go that far like I did against Mirelande.

He is young like us and I believe that he will listen to us to liberate Haiti from all imperialistic countries.

I love you all guys. I praise your courage ok. Good job and well done!

Toulimen From Reuters, April 4 2011, 3:17 PM

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Tiba, 4-Apr-11 5:04 pm
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Toulimen, 4-Apr-11 6:32 pm
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 4-Apr-11 7:00 pm
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Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 4-Apr-11 10:53 pm
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Toulimen Legrand, 4-Apr-11 11:13 pm
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Koodecaf Rettiwt, 4-Apr-11 11:34 pm
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 5-Apr-11 9:50 am
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Toulimen Legrand, 8-Apr-11 9:26 pm
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Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., 8-Apr-11 11:04 pm
Hi Touliman, I have been blogging here since the early days of Preval. I sometimes lost patience and just walked away... read more >
Linda, 9-Apr-11 4:17 pm


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