Preval Said Whatever The Price Mirelande Should Be His Successor

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They have two results and the CEP wants the U.S. result which can avoid Haiti a bloody face to face through a civil war. Himler Rebu, a supported fan of Manigat said that he should turn his back on her because he noticed that Haitians voted for Michel Martelly like they did for Aristide and how one could change their votes?

He claims that Michel Martelly should be the winner of those elections.

Radio Metropole forces him to change his declaration and he said that he would not do it because Haitians had voted for Micky with a landslide vote.

Meanwhile, U.S. wants a government with Martelly as president and Mirelande Manigat as prime minister, but Mirelande does not want Micky to be her boss. How can we reconcile them for the sake of Haiti?

Mirelande wants the Preval's result and not the United States one. What can we do?

Should Haiti become Ivory Coast, Lybia or Yemen?

You tell me...

Toulimen Legrand, April 3 2011, 3:48 PM

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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 3-Apr-11 4:22 pm
For me, I would not give the prime minister position but I would give her another position as a minister of Justice or... read more >
Toulimen, 3-Apr-11 6:21 pm
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Elsie, 3-Apr-11 6:38 pm
Ou bezwen jobs, Se Martelly ki genyen, al lave bouboune Elsie read more >
Jack, 3-Apr-11 11:14 pm
Travay,travay, beaucoup de travail ak Sweet Micky Oui Sweet Micky poual bay job pou vendre ti tabac blanche ak tourist... read more >
Department Du Travay, 3-Apr-11 11:40 pm
This is what I have been saying all along. Those with no education or very little education are the ones always... read more >
Tiba, 4-Apr-11 5:54 am
at Tiba, I have been reading your post with great interest for a long time, though I don't usually judge other's... read more >
Ti Potchot, 4-Apr-11 11:44 am
I agreed. This Tiba is a thug on Preval blog. He is also an opportunist.Before he was against Sweet Micky now he is on... read more >
Zombi File, 4-Apr-11 1:36 pm


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