Haitians Must Call For An Egalitarian Society In Haiti

Toulimen Legrand - April 3 2011, 3:13 PM

That is true and we have not done enough.

We are not bad people but we are victims of the bad politics of the U.S.CIA and the Haitian Elites.

I want this unity between the Haitian Elites and the U.S.CIA to cease so Haitians can unite themselves for a common goal which is to save a divided Haiti for a better Haiti.

We can do it if we stop being considered as sold out Haitians which is very detrimental to all Haitians.

Who are "Jus Soli" Haitian citizens in Dessalines's words.

Haitians who are born from Haitian mother and father or one Haitian parent born and wherever they may be born because they carry into their veins the African blood.

As an African ethnic group, we need to seek unity through our Haitianism and we must go back to our cultural past to rediscover ourselves.

Once we believe that we are all Haitians and whathever the color of our skin, we will not let outsiders divide us anymore.

We cannot achieve anything without unity.

We have a patriarchal system that needs to be dismantled to relieve us from oppression and from there we will achieve many goals.

We need to seek an egalitarian society that is based on Humanism as a social economic doctrine and from this perspective we will all be treated as equals.

Who says that I must own women to be a macho man?

Who gives me such a power to control women's lives and treat them as inferior people?

Who gives me the power to make women my slaves in their homes?

Who told me that only women should do all household chores and their place is in the house?

In an egalitarian society, all these questions will be answered and we will work together to change our own society.

We will treat each other as equals and human dignity will be respected.

Should we do it through a bloody revolution?

I don't think so rather we should engage ourselves into rich dialogs and then from there we can change our society.

We need to run for legislative positions so we can make laws to change our society through reforms.

We can do that and we must do it. Once they pass the multiple nationality law, we should create a political party in Haiti and start running for legislative positions to bring reforms within the Haitian mainstream culture.

As we are bringing changes, we must remain vigilant so the new ideas don't interfere with our cultural heritage.

We need a create a limited progressive society to change some stuffs around.

We should respect individual liberties and we must protect all. For instance, we must create laws to protect homosexuals if we have in our society due to the fact it is an imported sexual gender through vaccines (once a person receives the anti-chromosome gene or sex gender vaccine as given in combination with other vaccines, this goes right away into the gamete cells which are germ cells to destroy the opposite gender cells inside one's body while increasing one's own gender sex) that are supposed to protect us from certain diseases.

All Haitian vaccines purchased through the G-8 countries should be sent to Brazil, Venezuela, North Korea and Iran to be retested for the sex gender vaccine if we want to stop the spread of homosexuality coming from the G-8 countries that are aimed to control the world population.

We will control our population through other ways but not through homosexuality which was a vice converted into a sex gender vaccine by Reformed Scientist Jews and Germans in America.

Effectively, in three deacades it reduces the African American group from 15% to 12% but at the same time it divides this group because it is an unacceptable phenomenon among them. I have lived in a homosexual African American community in the United States and it was tough to live there for one year to study their sexual encounters for a thesis work and based on my work experience I wish that no other communities around the world and in Haiti would have to undergo such sort of discrimination at the hands of those scientists.

It is sad, painful and it divides people than uniting them. That is why I am calling for a limited progressive democracy in Haiti.

We should protect our cultural heritage and we will not let the U.S. protestant churches bring their homosexuality culture to us. We need to unite and preserve our cultural heritage to save Haiti.

We need to create laws to protect homosexual acts in their homes but those people need to refrain themselves from not performing those acts outside of their homes in order not offend the majority.

It will be protected inside their home boundaries but in public any display of such act should be reprimanded and whoever caught up would be subject to pay a fine. Sex must be performed inside a home and not on public places.

We have children to raise and homosexual adults should respect the rights of those children to be raised based on our cultural heritage.

We need to revive our beaches, national monuments for our own tourism and not for others to bring us diseases in great numbers.

Our beaches should be open to us and all foreigners should be tested before they are allowed to run our beaches.

All we need Linda is leadership and that will come soon. I feel like Haitian peasants as they had done it in 1934 will bring sanity and moral decency back to Haiti.

That's my hope but I don't know if that will happen for sure as I feel it coming.

May the Almighty One bless your day!

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