Kamoken, Is that you from Haitianconnection.com? If it's you...

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Is that you from Haitianconnection.com?

If it's you, I am delighted to see you my friend.

It's really a great pleasure to see an old brainy friend blogger.

I was "bwakajou", remember?

Anyway, Kamoken believe you me when I say that I agree with everything you said about the whole violence thing and the negative stigma it has on Haitians.

In all faireness, however, Haiti is not the only country on the planet that has been using violence as the only method to settle their political dispute.

If you look back at the last election cycle in US, the method of violence was widely used to settle political dispute.

There is still a US congress member in the hospital recovering as result of such method.

You hear everyday US-elected officials calling for violence as a way to settle political dispute, etc....

Back to our beloved piece of chaotic land, Haiti.

Kamoken, if you look closely, the white man, better known as the master, is no longer in Haiti oppressing Haitians, but rather the Haitian "Uncle Toms" are the ones who have been oppressing their own people, the Haitian people, since the master got kicked out of the country.

These Haitian Uncle Toms vowed not to ever end their oppression on the people, let alone want to negotiate because, according to Haitian's mentality, negotiating on any issues is a sign of weakness and shame.

Violence is the only form of negotiation these morons understand and this is to show you how coward these people are. They are the powerful, the king-kongs and godzillas as long as they hold the guns in their hands, but once the guns are taken away from them, they start crying like babies.

They got on their knees begging to spare their lives and their families' life.

And Preval just proved that reality before the first tour of the elections.

He wanted to select Jude Celestin president in order to spare his life and the life of his family after he leaves power.

He said it himself.

This is a man who has caused Haitians all kinds of pain, chaos, havoc, etc...but all of a sudden he realized that his life is more important than anyone's else's and therefore, his life is worth protected.

Isn't irony?

Kamoken, I don't thing Haitians would have to resort to violence so often as the only method to solve their political dispute if these morons who are in charge had enough consideration, empathy, caring, respect, and understanding for the population.

This is what "Cause and Effect" theory is all about.

It might be hard to believe, but I am really against violence of any kind, but there is a time and place where violence is the only resort to one's disposal because there is so much a person/people can take and endure.

Tiba, April 3 2011, 7:11 AM

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